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World Suicide Prevention Day 2020

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Mental health isn’t a fad! It is intrinsically linked with physical health. A broken mind hurts more and is harder to heal than a broken leg. Society would do well to realise that.

Campaign about it, advocate about it, write a flippin book about it, but don’t perpetuate it!!!

I’m reminded again today of the fragility of life, the quiet epidemic that is rife in people’s lives as they battle each day with a choice between living life and not living life. I met such a person 2 months ago – we’d trodden very different paths on life’s journey, but events meant our paths crossed. Today he is battling in hospital after making an attempt on his life. This shit is real. It’s not just a well worded campaign on social media or beautifully scripted tv tribute. It’s my reality, your reality, our reality.

Love is the solution and the answer, but not bull crap tv style love, real love. When it’s convenient to love and when it’s inconvenient to love.

This is a little ditty I wrote about life 12 years ago. Use it to take some moments to reflect. The footage is from ‘A Diary of a Lonely Man’.

Stay well. Big love ❤️

*if you’re struggling, give the @samaritanscharity a shout. They’re the dogs nuts, they’re flippin awesome.