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Man of Grace

Man of Grace

There’s a bunch of people I know who are treading a rocky path through life at the moment. It’s easy to feel lost, alone and then…boom, you hit one too many bumps in the road. A while back I bumped into this little ditty that wrote a decade ago whilst on a bit of a bumpy ride.

Back at the beginning of 2010 I’d been wrestling with the notion of ‘giving up on giving up’ as a continued exploration of what ‘hope’ is. The refrain kind of chokes, as someone who has “given up” a few times since. But in the wilderness there is hope, somehow, somewhere. I’m convinced it’s found through love and all that means, whatever that means.

The ‘Man of Grace’ can be whoever or whatever you want, it doesn’t have to be a spiritual figure, it is simply intended to be the person or thing that gives you the grace to have faith again in hope, to believe that the impossible can be made possible.

The images of deserted, lockdown scenes from across the globe add an extra dimension to this ‘wilderness reflection’.

If you listen, stick with the lengthy intro, it’s intended in this particular arrangement to paint the wilderness picture in its lonely silence as well as it’s dramatic potential. See past the sketchy arrangement and take from it what you will, if anything.

Stick some headphones on, sit back and use the images to reflect on the notion that “Hope is welling up. New life springing up. The impossible made possible in this place”.