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Community Development

The third sector is often called the fourth emergency service.  Throughout the current COVID-19 crisis charities, community groups and initiatives have risen to the challenge of being the 4th emergency service and supported those who have found themselves increasingly vulnerable at this time. 

It WILL be possible for the sector to come out the other side of this crisis as a thriving one that enables the people it is established to support to live their best lives. Collaboration, partnership, resource sharing across our communities and cities voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise sectors will be key to achieving this ‘post Covid’ strength. 

However, critical support is needed now and many organisations are looking for support to ensure the building of resilience especially within organisations offering vital frontline support in our communities.

Does your community need support to collaborate, share and build in order to sustain the wonderful organisations that are working so hard to support others? This offer is for specific and bespoke community development support to those organisations who need it most.

The offer of support includes:

  • Supporting and developing funding, income generation & fundraising opportunities for third sector organisations

  • Developing a series of context appropriate online learning opportunities to support the recovery and resilience of the third sector in your area

  • Offering online drop-in advice sessions for the sector

  • Delivering one to one mentoring, support and guidance to the sector

  • Exploring formal resource sharing opportunities such as mergers, consortiums, and partnerships

Let me support you as you support others. Get in touch to chat through the options today.