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About Rich

With you on the adventure ahead.

“Rich is a shining example of the cycle of positive change that can be initiated within a community if talented people share their gifts” 

-Institute of Youthwork

“Rich is an exceptional person who has transformed the lives of countless families and young people”

– BC Coporation


Over 15 years ago I had an experience that changed my world. My self serving motivations were (as much as is possible with human nature) put aside as I encountered a seemingly natural gifting for reaching and engaging with societies most damaged and disconnected young people. This took me on an adventure that has afforded me the privilege of seeing countless lives of children, young people, families and those within our communities, cities and nation transformed. At various points on this adventure, I have been on the front line, i’ve been a leader, I’ve acted in a supportive role. I’ve dreamt, created and developed.

Now I’m available on a consultancy basis to support your vision.