Welcome – WE ARE LIVE!


Welcome to the landing page for Live In Your Lounge. This page will bring you live performances streamed directly to your lounge/living room, kitchen, garden, desk, shower – wherever you are, and in the need of some music and access to great offers from partner services.


31.03.2020 | Box Of Care

If you are planning on joining us for the Showstoppers Live! event THIS Friday at 8pm, why not consider putting together a Box Of Care or two for neighbours or members of your community who may be particularly struggling at this time as they face isolation and the impact that is likely to be having on them. The following is a list of potential items for your box and a suggested note to accompany it, inviting them to join you online and enjoy some FREE LIVE music. [Please Note: ensure you adhere to the current social distancing guidelines and remain 2 meters away from your neighbour on delivery. Also, only take part in the Box Of Care element of this event if you are fit, well and able to do so. Stay well.]

Box Of Care Items
  • toilet roll
  • non-perishable food items – pasta, rice, tinned meats/ soups etc
  • cereal
  • fresh fruit and vegetables
  • milk
  • bread
  • cordial/ squash
  • tasty treats that will bring a smile to your neighbours face
  • anything else that you will think could be useful and demonstrate care

“Dear [insert neighbours name/ house number],

I hope you’re coping ok during this time. I wanted to let you know that I/we am/are thinking of you. Enclosed in this little Box Of Care are some items that I hope you will find useful.

On Friday 3rd April we will be joining others online at richjones.net/lounge at 8pm for an evening of showstopping song. I’d/ we’d love it if you joined us online. It promises to provide some entertaining relief from the current situation our communities and nation are facing.

With love,

[insert name]”

30.03.2020 | Showstoppers LIVE!

Join the first Live In Your Lounge live stream THIS FRIDAY (03.04.20). Streaming on RIGHT HERE from 8pm.

This short gig will include songs from the shows and other show stopping hits.

Check back later this week for more details re how to create your Box of Care. #music #sharethelove 

30.03.2020 | Show that you Corona Care

Plans are in place to test out the Live In Your Lounge setup at the weekend. Keep an eye on this page and over at the instagram page for updated details. 

Music has the power to heal, to connect people, to breakthrough isolation and all the emotion that comes with it. There will likely be folk on your street, in your community, part of your social networks who are struggling at this time. As part of the upcoming LIVE gig, we will encourage you to create a Box of Care and leave it on a neighbours doorstep with a note to let them know about the chance to enjoy some free LIVE music as well as the contents of the Box of Care. More details about this and how to do this will be available shortly. Remember, in any act of kindness you demonstrate at this time, keep yourselves SAFE and WELL.

29.03.2020 | Stream Space

Things are coming together ahead of the first Live In Your Lounge stream. Check out the cosy ‘stream space’ that we’ll use.

26.03.2020 | Become a Live In Your Lounge, UK partner.

We are providing you with the opportunity to promote your off-sales, online store, takeaway and delivery services before a live show and during it. As a show partner you will reach out to our followers and yours and provide them not only with an opportunity to beat isolation and boredom through music, but also enjoy access to your products, offers and services. To become a show partner, discuss any ideas you might have contact Rich for details.