“When those alongside us stumble LOVE doesn’t allow us to pick them up, it requires us to do so!”

The i’mPOSSIBLE concept was explained to me by someone a few years ago as they were working through a particularly challenging time in their life. I love the concept and it is something that I’ve drawn on often since.
Over the years I’ve often found myself working in situations where any solution seems just impossible. The barriers to hope are seemingly insurmountable, it would be easier to pick up and move a mountain than have any hope of transformation taking place. But, I try my hardest to live by the adage that the impossible can be made possible. That the transformational power of love can cut through any barrier; through family breakdown, issues of substance misuse, educational disaffection and exclusion, homelessness, debt, food poverty, violence, engagement in criminal activity, hopelessness and ultimately, the all too predictable destination that some grappling with poverty and the ensuing hopelessness find themselves heading towards – premature death.
You might think that im an idealistic nutter believing that the impossible can be made possible, believing in the miraculous, but over many years now, I have seen the miraculous take place as the impossible has been made possible. And do you know what, it’s not because I’ve encountered  superheroes with special powers. It’s not even because I see all the answers in various programmes and projects – amazing though many that exist are, because projects and programmes don’t change people, people change people. It all boils down to one simple mark after the letter “I”. An apostrophe. That simple grammatical insertion changes the word ‘impossible’ to the phrase ‘I’ m possible’.
That little mark may be just small, but it carries with it incredible significance. Individually we need to make a fresh commitment to playing our part in seeing society change for the better. It doesn’t have to take us all tackling the issues of thousands, we can each play our part in affecting societal change, one life at a time. Thus bringing the most significant transformation in the lives of others. This approach may seem small and insignificant in comparison to the massive efforts of huge charities, local authorities and governments. But do you know what, this suggestion of a little love revolution CAN change lives, CAN save lives and CAN transform communities from the inside out.

Why not give it a go? Stick the small apostrophe in your life and watch the impossible become possible.

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