There at the “b” of the “bang”.

Being there at the “b of the bang” was something that former 100m world record holder, Linford Christie, used to attribute to his sprinting success. Being present at the start of anything is nervy, it takes guts to jump out of the starting blocks and run into the race ahead of you. Like Linford, I’ve heard the “b” of the bang and i’m setting off on a fresh race. As my nature determines, I will be forging ahead, in front, but my role in the next phase of my life adventure will be to support the life changing and heroic actions and activities of others.
All sorts of different people are involved in getting an athlete to the “b of the bang” and even more are involved in ensuring that that they are present at the finish line. Let me be part of your journey to the start and adventure through to the finish line.
This post is an unashamed pitch.  Your vision needs that spark to turn it into reality. Your organisation needs creative investment. Your team needs the kick start that will move them from good to great. Through Rich Jones Partnerships Limited, I can offer all of the aforementioned and more…

  • bespoke organisational development and support
  • leadership mentoring and support
  • startup support and guidance for your business/ social enterprise
  • team/ volunteer development
  • major donor development
  • Corporate Responsibility programme development
  • Corporate Responsibility investment and volunteering brokerage

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